It was the end of another Cornish summer and we found ourselves in need of a vehicle quickly. It just so happened a friend had a 1996 red Renault Trafic campervan which he had no use for. For the next few months, it sat on our drive in constant need of tinkering. The more we fixed, the more we fell in love. This sparked the endless evenings of planning and dreaming up where we could take our new wagon when it was ready. Finally, after blood sweat and tears, we had it on the road and started our much awaited adventures.

Then disaster struck. Whilst parked outside our house, a lorry took the corner clean off the van and wrote it off. The dream looked like it was over, but this only spurred us on more and it wasn’t long before we found van number 2, and ex Royal Mail beaten up LDV Maxus.

We bought it partly converted and as soon as we had added a bed and a few other tweaks, we took on adventuring once more. The van saw us through Spain, France, a variety of Music festivals and even summer solstice at Stonehenge. Waking up right by the beach, making coffee and checking the surf became normality, and we knew we needed to share this experience with others.


Then came van number 3, this one a lot more reliable and shiny, and we started our conversion from scratch. This meant we could plan, experiment, design and build every bit to be bespoke, different and functional. We wanted to make an accessible, affordable way for anyone to experience vanlife and the beautiful Cornish coast so VanLife Campers was born.